Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We have been very busy over at BSP HQ working on our next round of upcoming releases. We have a handful of great things planned for this year, and we feel we are the starting the year off right with the first batch of EPs we have coming out later this Spring.

First up we have the split release between Mania For Conquest and Svaveldioxid. Each band brings to the fold a powerful mix of perfectly executed "D-beat" punk, however they come at it from different angles. MFC brings the more traditional Discharge assault, while Svaveldioxid delivers the Kang style punk only the Swedish can pull off. 

Following the split EP, we have the Refuse EP  by Florida's Vägra. Unleashing four tracks of uncompromising raw punk that is stark contrast to the attitude the Sunshine state is known for.

And finally we have the second EP from Phillys Pollen. This is the follow up to their last EP BSP did last fall and continues with their relentless blown out mangel assault.

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